Trewin Copplestone

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Trewin Copplestone
Trewin Copplestone

United Kingdom


    Artist's Statement

    The association of sea and countryside has been a continuing influence on both my life and my work. As a painter, the landscape, both representationally and in abstraction, has remained an important inspiration.

    My realisation, during the course of a long life, that the straightforward representation of a visual experience rarely, if ever, offers the full quality and variety that it contains, has led to the simplification and abstraction characterised in my later works.

    I have not devoted my life exclusively to painting, sculpture and design but it will be apparent from biographic details that they have been the thread binding my activities and my return to concentration upon painting is my last, as it was my first, motivation.

    I have also written over twenty books on art and architectural subjects, acted as director of publishing the Hamlyn Group and formed my own publishing company.